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The man I met was a polish born German who (I surmised) was taken out of a European prison by given the choice of ten years in prison or a government job in tech. The reason I surmised this is, although he didn’t reference himself, he said that’s where most anti-hacking tech professionals come from.
How to free yourself from gov’t? Buy a gun… and start a business!   Take me to the startup page right now!   To my Maga and non-Maga friends, I have to tell you, the only way to be free is to be SELF SUFFICIENT and the way to be self sufficient is to be […]
The Coronavirus will be misreported and hyped. To navigate the world of potential landmines with the Coronavirus, it helps to step back and look at it as a pure outsider might.
Donald Trump is 72. Trump’s eyes are also 72, so to see trade through Trumps eyes, you must step back in time.
Or for investors, how can we profit from bad post Brexit decisions and make money on the post Brexit UK?    Was there intelligent life in Brexit?   The short answer is a profound fuck no, so don’t expect it in post Brexit.   To be sure, Brexit might be the best thing to happen […]
Corporate America is not doing well. Staff Article: Landon Fillmore Systems, Jan 3, 2020   Contrary to the sky-high stock market, corporate America is not doing well.   The US department of Treasury publishes a statement that for years was called the US flow of funds statement.   It used to be required reading for […]
The end of the S&P 500?   Less than 2% of investors believe this. Why don’t we all know corporations are bankrupt? Does the end of the S&P 500 mean we should sell everything? What will go down with the S&P500? Does doom mean there’s nowhere to invest? Why it’s important to bring back ethnic […]
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