The man I met was a polish born German who (I surmised) was taken out of a European prison by given the choice of ten years in prison or a government job in tech. The reason I surmised this is, although he didn’t reference himself, he said that’s where most anti-hacking tech professionals come from.
This is contrary to the politicians I either read in the Telegraph or see on Sky News who claim they know exactly what the outcomes will be.  I can't recall ever seeing a piece of legislation that is this drastic with such weak public support.
There’s little doubt in my mind that the US federal government is going to collapse.
Economists tell us that inflation is low but think about it. The average person can’t afford a down payment on a house, a health insurance plan or a college education. How can the cost of living be low, and people not afford to live?
I’m not seeing a recession here even though one is widely reported in the news.
The only thing that keeps the price of oil where it is, is free trade funded by massive worldwide government borrowing.
The question, “Are your employees destroying your reputation” is NOT rhetorical. I just got off the phone with my web service provider. The call went like this. Me: “I have two sites hosted with you. They’re identical, yet one shows up when I Google the name and the other doesn’t.” Service rep: “Let me check. […]
We could see a collapse in the price of oil the likes of which we haven’t seen since Ronald Reagan convinced King Fahad to let the oil price fall. A word to the wise on oil. The perfect storm for oil is from a number of factors coming together. 1) A major recession is brewing […]
Writing search-friendly copy is essential to executives and advertisers. To time hungry professionals, having to read irrelevant copy is almost as nauseating as having to write it. The simple techniques can be found in the following paragraph titles; The detail, by reading between the lines.
Business plans… Where the real value is. The following is an executive summary. Details can be found by clicking the header links. In my 25 years running a public accounting firm, my experience has been that most of what’s written in business plans is redundant and unnecessary. But there are, in my opinion, three critical […]