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For England, now the bad news.   I have a lot of respect for what the British just did. They voted for MEGA, make England great again.   The reason I say “England” is because this election was an England only election. They lost seats in Scotland and Northern Ireland is on pins and needles. […]
foot-printing is the process of having your establishment known locally. It’s the most effective way to drive business and most businesses do it to a certain extent.
Just as there are a dozen ways to skin a cat, there are dozens of ways to increase cash flow to your business.
Phantom income is business income, income from a flow through entity like an S-Corporation or an LLC where an amount flows through to your personal tax return
There are all kinds of ideas in the world, but all that really matters is that you can execute them.
The purpose behind this article is to help entrepreneurs understand the difference between a business and an investment.
In this article, I’ll try to explain why it seems being a miser is a key, why it’s a myth and what qualities misers have that make them winners.
specific examples of companies we’ve seen, some that went bankrupt, because of their inability to match what comes in from what goes out
I’m not seeing a recession here even though one is widely reported in the news.