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Nothing complicates the impeachment scenario as much as today’s BLS new jobs report.   Not only is 266.000 a blowout number, but the fine print is also compelling.   In the last 12 months, the US has created over 2 million jobs at a time when most economists said we’d be in a recession caused […]
Google Analytics is the analysis side of Google Ads, an advertising platform for selling either through Google marketplace or most other selling platforms.
Triggers and pain points in marketing are the critical mass of turning prospects into customers.
It’s never been easier to create a marketing funnel And it’s never been harder.
Phantom income is business income, income from a flow through entity like an S-Corporation or an LLC where an amount flows through to your personal tax return
In this article, I’ll try to explain why it seems being a miser is a key, why it’s a myth and what qualities misers have that make them winners.
We could see a collapse in the price of oil the likes of which we haven’t seen since Ronald Reagan convinced King Fahad to let the oil price fall. A word to the wise on oil. The perfect storm for oil is from a number of factors coming together. 1) A major recession is brewing […]